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A Missed Opportunity Can Be A Blessing

by James Chinnick

A morning excursion to Garden of the Gods...

I started on a Sunday morning heading to Garden Of The Gods, in Colorado Springs, at about 5:00am to catch first light. Upon arriving, I got set up for the shot I wanted, but the color of the sunrise just wasn't there this morning. I met up with another photographer after shooting the sunrise, and he asked if I had been to the Siamese Twins rock structure in the park. I didn't know where it was and he was kind enough to give me the directions and told me how incredible Pikes Peak looked thru the rock window of the formation. So after being disappointed with my earlier shots, I headed up to the trail. It's a pretty easy hike from the parking area, about mile.  When I got there I realized this guy was right, the framing and the structure of the rocks was stunning. After taking in the scenery for a bit, I eagerly got set up, and started clicking away. There are many beautiful areas and stunning rock features in the park, if you're ever there, I highly recommend getting off the beaten path and exploring the lesser known marvels of the park.

Pikes Peak from the Siamese Twins - Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak from The Siamese Twins

All images and text copyright James Chinnick