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CNP 2003 Fall Color Event

Where: Kebler Pass (Lost Lake Campground)

When: September 26th - 28th

by: Bret Edge

Leaves are changing, temperatures dropping and photographers everywhere are stocking up on film and counting vacation hours. This can only mean one thing: autumn has arrived. To commemorate the event, Colorado Nature Photographers Network recently held a Fall Color Outing at Kebler Pass, world renowned for its annual display of colorful fall foliage.

The weekend started late on Friday evening as several CNP members met up at the Lost Lake Campground. After deciding we’d rather spend our money on film than outdoor accommodations, we caravanned to a near perfect campsite found by the venerable Todd Caudle earlier in the day. Ah, dispersal camping! The campsite provided plenty of room for several vehicles and a few tents, but the key feature was the fire ring complete with firewood. After a short session of introductions and some general planning, we all turned in to our tents, trucks and SUV’s for a short slumber.

Dawn brought cool temperatures, a cloudless sky and the promise of mirror-like reflections on Lost Lake, our first shooting destination of the day. We quickly filled a small parking lot near the lake and set out in search of some real estate for our tripods. As the sun crested the horizon and began to bathe the peaks in warm light, the sound of shutters clicking could be heard along the lakeshore. After milking the sunrise for all it was worth, the group dispersed to spend the day shooting and scouting other locations.

That evening, we re-grouped at the Horse Ranch parking lot to shoot the sweet light of sunset. As the magic light quickly approached, one couldn’t help but laugh at the ever-increasing line of photographers in the parking lot! The scene resembled something you’d see on the sidelines of a football game, not in the middle of the mountains. After the last shutter whirred, we packed up and headed back to camp.

We all settled in and made dinner as Darren Kilgore stoked a campfire. Unbeknownst to Darren, he is officially the “fire master” for all future CNP outings. Circling the campfire, we had some interesting conversations, downed a couple beers and ate enough cookies to keep Nabisco in business. As the night wound down, we all retired to our makeshift beds for much needed rest.

Sunday morning arrived earlier than wanted, but somehow most of us managed to crawl out of our sleeping bags and make our way to various locations for a sunrise shoot. Later that afternoon, we each went our separate ways and either returned home or headed off to other areas of the state in search of more golden leaves.

In all, our group consisted of ten photographers with a wide range of experience and shooting styles. The group dynamic was exceptional, with everyone enjoying the company of our fellow photographers and happily sharing wisdom, jokes and Chips Ahoy cookies. Todd provided everyone from the group with a 2004 Engagement Calendar and Brent Doerzman handed out $25 Qube Visual gift cards.

Thanks to all who attended, the CNP Fall Color Outing was a huge success. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and look forward to seeing you all again in the near future!

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