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Check out equipment for sale and services provided by fellow RMNPers.

Posting:  If you are wanting to list equipment or describe a service that you provide, FIRST read the submission rules at the bottom of this page.  Submissions not adhering to these requirements will NOT be listed.  Once you have reviewed the listing requirements, you can e-mail your classified or description of services to Rich Voninski or Jim Casteel.  We will review your listing and place it here as quickly as possible.  You may also post a topic in the main forum to announce your new listing. 

Readers:  If you are interested in a particular listing, please contact the relevant party directly; e-mail will be provided in the listing. Please do not contact the moderators as we have no information other than what is listed below.


Date Posted: 04.26.2010
Posted by: Jim Casteel
Will be removed on: 04.26.2011

Post your stuff here!

Do you have something that your significant other has been telling you to get rid of? Are you out of shelf space for that new lens you bought? Or do you need to sell something to fund some new gear?
If any of those sound accurate then send one of the moderators above a message with the description and price of the item(s) you are wanting to sell.




Date Posted: 02.05.2011
Posted By:  Jim Casteel
Will Be Removed On:  02.05.2012

The Business of Photography

Date: Friday, Oct. 23, 2011
Location: Parks & Recreation Classroom, Woodland Park
Cost: $75
Registration: Call (719) 687-5225 to register, VISA/MC accepted.



Have you ever wanted to sell your pictures? This seminar is all about how to start selling your photos. Topics covered include where to sell your photos, how to build a portfolio, image editing, basic business practices, useful marketing techniques and “how to tell the story” for your clients. We will also cover useful equipment, lighting, travel tips, photography in the field, printing and storage of digital photos. Seminar notes and references will be provided on CD. This seminar is oriented towards advanced photographers.

Moab Photo Workshops with Bret Edge

Join us in 2011 for several fun and dynamic photography workshops. All of our workshops are designed with one thing in mind: YOU. If you don't finish one of our workshops a more confident and creative photographer, we've failed. We strive to create an inspiring, supportive and fun environment that encourages each participant to discover their own creative vision.

All of our photography workshops are properly permitted by the government agencies responsible for stewarding the wild lands we're photographing. Our workshop leaders will not abandon you to make their own images. You're not paying us to pad our own portfolios at your expense. We believe that by putting you first and operating in an ethical manner we are able to provide you with a first-rate, unforgettable experience.

We realize that you have dozens of options when choosing a photography workshop and we sincerely appreciate that you're considering one of our events. If there is anything we can do to gain your trust and your business, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you'd like to see what some of our customers have to say about our workshops, please visit our testimonials page.

Nature Photography Boot Camp

Dates: July 2, 2011 - Sept. 3, 2011 - Oct. 22, 2011
Tuition: $250/person
Instructor: Bret Edge
Registration: Click here to open the registration form. Simply print it, fill in the blanks and mail it to the address on the form to register for this exciting workshop.

In this intensive, one-day workshop we'll visit at least three stunning locations around Moab to photograph Canyon Country in the warm light of sunrise and sunset. In the field we'll focus on creating dynamic compositions, using camera settings to maximize creativity and how to use available light to craft your images. We'll also spend some time talking about gear for outdoor photography and experimenting with polarizing and graduated neutral density filters. These workshops are very casual and participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences with one another.

After the morning shoot we'll break for a late breakfast/early lunch at a local diner. There we'll review a few of my prints and I'll discuss what went into making each image from a creative and technical standpoint. Each participant will then share a few of their own images for an interactive critique session. These images can be part of a digital portfolio on an iPad/laptop or hard copy prints. I am often told that this is a favorite part of the workshop. It's also one of the most beneficial as I feel strongly that having your work critiqued and critiquing the work of others is a hugely important part of the creative process.

Each workshop is limited to 5 participants and is open to photographers working at any level, although novices stand to benefit most from the experience.

Autumn in the Tetons

Dates: Sept. 29 - Oct. 2, 2011
Tuition: $895/person (Register by Feb. 1, 2011 for $795)
Instructors: Bret Edge & Nat Coalson
Registration: Click here to register online for this workshop.

Grand Teton National Park is world renowned for its rugged peaks, alpine lakes and abundant wildlife. In the fall, aspen trees displaying brilliant yellow leaves enhance this already spectacular scenery and make for an especially delightful photography experience. It's a perfect time to join Bret Edge and Nat Coalson for a dynamic, hands-on photography workshop!

We'll photograph the sweet light of sunrise and sunset at popular locations such as Schwabacher Landing, Snake River Overlook and Oxbow Bend but we'll also visit some lesser known, though equally dramatic locations. Additionally, we'll have plenty of opportunities to work on creating compelling intimate landscapes and wildlife portraits.

In the field, Bret and Nat will help you develop the skills needed to make photographs that fully express your vision. We'll focus on composition and creativity as well as mastering your camera's many functions. In the classroom, you'll learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for the ultimate creative control over your images. Throughout the workshop, hands-on demonstrations, lessons and critique sessions will help you refine your image-making skills.

This workshop is open to photographers working at any level. There will be plenty of personal attention for each student. Private and group critiques will be offered throughout the workshop to help you develop your work significantly over the weekend.

Winter in Canyon Country

Dates: Nov. 17 - 20, 2011
Tuition: $895/person (Register by April 1, 2011 for $795)
Instructors: Bret Edge & Todd Caudle
Registration: Click here to open the registration form. Simply print it, fill in the blanks and mail it to the address on the form to register for this exciting workshop.

Winter is a special time for photography as Canyon Country goes quiet - tourists are gone, leaving even the most iconic of locations virtually empty and snow some times graces the red sandstone in a pristine white blanket. Join Bret and Todd for this fun, immersive workshop.

We'll photograph sunrise and sunset at several fantastic locations throughout the Moab area. In the field Todd and Bret will help participants develop an eye for compelling compositions while learning how to use your camera's controls to maximum creative effect. You'll learn why there is no such thing as "bad light". We'll discuss the usage of filters in outdoor photography and how to achieve many of the same effects in the digital darkroom.

In the hours between sunrise and sunset we'll allow time for a break and we'll gather in a comfortable meeting room in Moab for an interactive critique session. We'll spend some time helping you learn digital darkroom techniques to make your great images even better. Each participant will experience the joy of seeing one of your images come to life as a beautiful print using our Epson Stylus 2880 printer and a selection of fine art papers provided by Moab Paper.

Join Bret and Todd in Moab for this fantastic opportunity to experience Canyon Country in all it's winter beauty. This workshop is limited to 12 participants and is open to photographers working at any level.

Bret Edge Photography is fully permitted and insured to operate within Arches, Canyonlands and Grand Teton National


Submission Requirements:

1. You must be listed in the RMNP members pages to post a classified or service.  For new members, you must have been a member for at least 3 months.  You must be a regular contributor to the forum; if there are questions about this, please contact one of the moderators.

2. Please be concise in describing your item or service.  The following are required

a.  First and Last Name
b.  Forum Username
c.  E-mail Address or URL to which respondents should reply
d.  Title of Item or Service
e.  Description of item or service - please be concise.  TEXT ONLY - no images.
f.   For photography workshops, provide dates. 

3. Do not include any prices in your posts. This should be handled outside of this forum.

4. Classified Listings will automatically be deleted after 3 months.  If you sell your item, please contact the moderators so that we can remove the item.

5. Services will remain listed for 1 year, unless you specify a date when you would like the service removed or when it will no longer be available (e.g., a summer workshop in Crested Butte).  If you would like to keep your service listed, please e-mail the moderators prior to the expiration date to let them know that you'd like to keep it listed.


7. Submitting:  Once you have ensured that your submission meets the requirements above, you can e-mail your classified or services listing to Rich Voninski or Jim Casteel.  We will review your submission and post it as quickly as possible.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your listing is posted.