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State Capitol Display

Where: The Rotunda of the Colorado State Capitol

When: March, 2005

Coordinated by: Bill Pelzmann



CNP Members will be displaying their photography in the rotunda of the State Capitol. The images will be displayed March 7th - April 1st. There will be 25 images on display - the 12 images from the Barnes & Noble Art Wall, 10 new images selected by CNP Members, and 3 additional images granted to event coordinators.

Scroll down past the images to see pics of the display and the setup...

Congratulations to the Winners!

#8 - Autumn Snow, Maroon Bells by Don Grall

#20 - Thor's Reflection by Frank Weston

#23 - Dream Lake Dawn by Erik Stensland

#37 - Ice Tree by Chuck Peacock

#56 - Colorado Morning by David Summers

#60 - San Luis Valley Frost by Matt Cox

#47 - Coyote Stalking Magpie by Travis Searls

#58 - Approaching Storm by Bill Speaks

#39 - Wildflower Dance by Adam Schallau

#2 - Autumnal Déjà Vu by Grant Collier

The following images from the Barnes & Noble Art Wall Event will be included in the State Capitol Display!

#34 - Storms Over Nymph Lake by Scott Rosenberg

#41 - Snowfall Rays by Lisa Young

#12 - Sand Dune by Mellow Rapp

#11 - Garden of the Gods Sunrise by Scott Bacon

#14 - Curves at Great Sand Dunes N.P.P. by Rich Long

#39 - Dune by Phillip Noll

#29 - Holy Cross Wilderness - Upper Missouri Lake by Rick Dunn

#42 - Winter's Silence by Jay Goodrich

#6 - Maroon Bells Reflection by Doug Andrews

#22 - Spring Snow at the Garden by Brent Murphy

#1 - By the Dawn's Early Light by James Egbert

#24 - Mt. Evans - On Watch by Bill Pelzmann

by Dave Rodenbaugh

Dave was generous enough to lend his pro panels for this display, so he was granted a spot for an image of his choice. Thanks Dave!!


by David Barnes

David coordinated the Barnes & Noble display. Anyone who coordinates a display will be granted a spot for the image of their choice. Unfortunately, we didn't have the foresight to implement this rule earlier! Thanks David!!


by Tony Litschewski

Tony has also been generous enough to lend his pro panels for this display, so he was granted a spot for an image of his choice. Thanks Tony!!


All the State Capitol Display Submissions...

#1 - Pawnee Sunset by Grant Collier

#2 - Autumnal Déjà Vu by Grant Collier

#3 - Moonset Over Boulder by Chris Ebright

#4 - Maroon Bells Fall by Chris Ebright

#5 - 11 Mile Sunset by Michelle Rademacher

#6 - Watering the Flowers by Michelle Rademacher

#7 - Morning Splendor by Fred Stearns

#8 - Autumn Snow, Maroon Bells by Don Grall

#9 - Snow Dunes, Molas Pass by Don Grall

#10 - Colorado Prairie by Stephen Weaver

#11 - Morning Reflection by Stephen Weaver

#12 - Aspen Shelter by David Dunn

#13 - Stormy Light by Brian VanDenzen

#14 - Autumn Waterfall by Arlen Ahl

#15 - Streamflow - Rocky Mountain National Park by Richard Voninski

#16 - Top of the Dune by Richard Voninski

#17 - Glacier Creek by David Dunn

#18 - Rocky Dawn by Tom Mangan

#19 - First of Winter by Frank Weston

#20 - Thor's Reflection by Frank Weston

#21 - Yampa Valley Hay by Randy Howie

#22 - Hallet Peak Morning by Rene Pirolt

#23 - Dream Lake Dawn by Erik Stensland

#24 - Steamboat Rock by Darren Kilgore

#25 - Mayflower Gulch by Darren Kilgore

#26 - Rock and Snow by Jesse Speers

#27 - Resolution Mountain Sunrise by Ken Einig

#28 - Green Gives Way to Gold by Ken Einig

#29 - Bighorns Arranged by Jan K. France

#30 - Flatirons Moonset by Rick Dunn

#31 - Intimate Cascades by Jan K. France

#32 - Autumn Aspen by Brent Murphy

#33 - Tower of Babel Moonset by Brent Murphy

#34 - Among the Giants by Robert Mueller

#35 - Alpine Reflections by Robert Mueller

#36 - Western Heritage by Randy Howie

#37 - Ice Tree by Chuck Peacock

#38 - Aspen Light by Chuck Peacock

#39 - Wildflower Dance by Adam Schallau

#40 - Aspen Lane by Adam Schallau

#41 - Essence of the Rockies by Bret Edge

#42 - Bullet the Blue Sky by Bret Edge

#43 - Aspen Shed by Jerry Arvoy

#44 - Rocky Mountain Elk by Jerry Arvoy

#45 - Late Day Light by Michael Deleon

#46 - Glacial Waterfalls by Michael Deleon

#47 - Coyote Stalking Magpie by Travis Searls

#48 - Fox on a Winding Road by Travis Searls

#49 - Morning is Broken by Jody Grigg

#50 - Winter Comes Early by Jody Grigg

#51 - Before the Storm by Craig Schultz

#52 - Peak of Fall by Craig Schultz

#53 - Dune Flower by Caslaw

#54 - Lizard Lake Reflection by Caslaw

#55 - Sprague Dawn by Erik Stensland

#56 - Colorado Morning by David Summers

#57 - Revelation by Bill Speaks

#58 - Approaching Storm by Bill Speaks

#59 - Flatirons at Sunrise by Matt Cox

#60 - San Luis Valley Frost by Matt Cox

The State Capitol Display









Many thanks to Bill Pelzmann and James Egbert for providing the above images!

Guestbook from the State Capitol Display - Comments from visitors to the Capitol

Colorado Springs, CO

State Senator Doug Lamborr

A magnificent display !

Douglas County, CO

State Senator Tom Wiens 

Great !

Denver, CO 

Thank you. It’s lovely !

Steamboat Springs, CO

Talented array of God’s blessings upon this beautiful state. 

Denver, CO

Thanks, just great !! 

Novanna, FL

Beautiful ! 

Liverpool, UK

Glorious ! 

Denver, CO

Outstanding & bringing awareness of what a beautiful state Colorado is ! 

Denver, CO

Fabulous photography and the inspiration is astounding. Simply breath taking ! 

Reno, NV

Very enrichening ! 

Erie, CO

Wonderful !  I am inspired !! 

Denver, CO

Makes me want to return to the Sand Dunes ! 

Laramie, WY

Great ! 

Austin, TX

Great photos. The lighting doesn’t do them justice. 

Oakhurst, CA

Best photo was the wildflowers under stormy clouds! 

Brooklyn, NY 

Great photos.

Denver, CO

Has been inspired me to continue and pursue my love of nature photography also. Thanks J

Kansas City

Beautiful ! 

Delta, CO

Very inspiring 

Oklahoma City, OK

Wonderful ! 

Minneapolis, MN

Beautiful ! 

Vince Matthews, Littleton, CO

Colorado State Geologist 

Fantastic exhibit. Congratulations

Littleton, CO 

Super as usual.

Denver, CO 

Wonderful !!  Great !!

Aurora, CO

Fantastic capturing of our great state. 

Ft. Collins, CO

This is my first time in here. In 4th grade we were supposed to go on a field trip here, but I got suspended and wasn’t able to go. 

Westminster, CO

Incredible ! 

Westminster, CO


Oketo, KS

I love the way these photographers are able to capture God’s beauty. He has blessed our world with so much through nature. Thank you for sharing it through your talents !! 

Denver, CO

Great view of our great state 

Littleton, CO


New South Wales, Australia 


St Louis, MO 

Incredible photos !

Sacramento, CA

Cold !  Very nice 

Littleton, CO

Very good exhibit ! We have a great state to work with ! 

Aurora, CO

Wonderful pictures. Great stuff !! 

Longmont, CO

Beautiful colors 

Meridian, MS 

Great !

Henderson, CO

Coyote – favorite picture 

Littleton, CO

Beautiful ! 

Vancouver, Canada 

Beautiful state !

Thornton, CO


Highlands Ranch, CO 


Voting Guidelines:

  1. You must be registered on the CNP forum to vote. You must supply your full name and email address.

  2. Vote for 5 different images. Each image will receive 1 point per vote - order of voting does not matter. The 10 images with the highest point totals win!

  3. You may not vote for your own images.

  4. You may only vote once. All votes are final. You may not change your vote once it has been submitted.

  5. One photographer may not win multiple awards.

  6. Voting will be open Wednesday, January 26th through Saturday, January 29th, 2005.

  7. The deadline for submitting your vote is Midnight, Saturday, January 29th, 2005.

  8. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker vote will be held in the forum via an online poll.

  9. Winners will be announced on Monday, January 31st, 2005 (sooner if there is no need for a tie-breaker).

Submission Guidelines:

  1. You must be willing to print, matte, frame and transport your work for display, at your own expense, in the event your image is chosen.

  2. CNP Members/participants may submit up to 2 images. CNP Members who have already had an image selected for the Barnes & Noble Art Wall Event may also submit images for this contest. If their image is selected during this contest, they will have a choice to display the new image or their image from the Barnes & Noble contest. This way, each photographer will only have one image displayed at the State Capitol.

  3. Images must be of Colorado. They will be displayed in the State Capitol, after all...

  4. Submission deadline is 6:00pm, January 25th, 2005.

  5. Image specifications:

    • Maximum dimension: 640 pixels (720 pixels for panoramic)

    • Maximum file size: 125 Kb

    • Do not include a © notice (images will remain anonymous until after voting is complete)

  6. Thumbnail specifications:

    • Maximum dimension: 150 pixels

    • Maximum file size: 15 Kb

    • Filename should correspond to full size image, ie. myimage_thumb.jpg,  myimage_tn.jpg, etc.