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Barnes & Noble Art Wall 2005 Event

Where: Barnes & Noble Briargate - Colorado Springs (click for map)

When: February, 2005

Coordinated by: David Barnes

CNP Members will be displaying their photography on the Art Wall of Barnes & Noble, Colorado Springs Briargate location. The images will be displayed the entire month of February. The 12 images have been selected by CNP Members.

Winners should plan to meet at Barnes & Noble on February 1st, between 4:00pm and 5:00pm, to hang photos.


The images are hanging! Scroll to the very bottom to see some pics...

Congratulations to the winners!

#34 - Storms Over Nymph Lake by Scott Rosenberg

#41 - Snowfall Rays by Lisa Young

#12 - Sand Dune by Mellow Rapp

#11 - Garden of the Gods Sunrise by Scott Bacon

#14 - Curves at Great Sand Dunes N.P.P. by Rich Long

#39 - Dune by Phillip Noll

#29 - Holy Cross Wilderness - Upper Missouri Lake by Rick Dunn

#42 - Winter's Silence by Jay Goodrich

#6 - Maroon Bells Reflection by Doug Andrews

#22 - Spring Snow at the Garden by Brent Murphy

#1 - By the Dawn's Early Light by James Egbert

#24 - Mt. Evans - On Watch by Bill Pelzmann

The following winners were bumped because the photographer had more than one winning image...

#15 - Summer Storm by Rich Long

#38 - Stormy Bells by Phillip Noll

#43 - Ansel Aspens by Jay Goodrich

#23 - Tower of Babel Moonset by Brent Murphy

#28 - Flatirons Sunrise by Rick Dunn

The rest of the submissions...

#2 - Goldenrod Spider by Denise Symes

#3 - Mountain Goats above Red Cone by Grant Collier

#4 - Aspen-bole Fence by Grant Collier

#5 - Rocky Mountain Morning by Doug Andrews

#7 - Flattop Summer by Chuck Peacock

#8 - Window to East Beckwith by Chuck Peacock

#9 - Denver by Mellow Rapp

#10 - Ponderosa Sunbeams by Les Barstow

#13 - The Golden Path by Les Barstow

#16 - Spring Runoff by Janina Barnes

#17 - Coopers Hawk by David Barnes

#18 - Aspens in Water by David Barnes

#19 - Reflections in the Grass by Janina Barnes

#20 - Which Way is Up? by Craig Schultz

#21 - Treasure of Gold by Craig Schultz

#25 - Engineer Pass - First Snow by Bill Pelzmann

#26 - Mt. Evans Goat by Bret Edge

#27 - Reflections of Summer by Bret Edge

#30 - Montezuma Mountain Goats

#31 - Yankee Boy Waterfall by Ken Einig

#32 - Little Lamb by Jan K. France

#33 - Wethead by Jan K. France

#35 - Still Morning at the Bells by Scott Rosenberg

#36 - Landing Snow Goose by Scott Buckle

#37 - Autumn Near the Bells by Scott Buckle

#40 - Dashing Through the Snow by Lisa Young

Submission Guidelines:

  1. You must be willing to print, matte, frame and transport your work for display, at your own expense, in the event your image is chosen.

  2. CNP Members/participants may submit up to 2 images

  3. Images should be of Colorado

  4. Submission deadline is 6:00pm, December 4th, 2004

  5. Image specifications:

    • Maximum dimension: 640 pixels (720 pixels for panoramic)

    • Maximum file size: 125 Kb

    • Do not include a notice (images will remain anonymous until after voting is complete)

  6. Thumbnail specifications:

    • Maximum dimension: 150 pixels

    • Maximum file size: 15 Kb

    • Filename should correspond to full size image, ie. myimage_thumb.jpg,  myimage_tn.jpg, etc.

Voting Guidelines:

  1. You must be registered on the CNP forum to vote. You must supply your full name and email address.

  2. Vote for 5 different images. Each image will receive 1 point per vote - order of voting does not matter. The 12 images with the highest point totals win!

  3. You may not vote for your own images.

  4. You may only vote once. All votes are final. You may not change your vote once it has been submitted.

  5. One photographer may not win multiple awards.

  6. Voting will open Sunday, December 5th through Saturday, December 11th, 2004.

  7. The deadline for submitting your vote is Midnight, Saturday, December 11th, 2004.

  8. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker vote will be held in the forum via an online poll.

  9. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 13th, 2005 (exact time dependent on the occurrence of a tie).

Some photos of the display...